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I've just finished listening to Focus on the Family's adaptation of C. S. Lewis's 'Voyage of the Dawn Treader' and whole-heartedly recommend this production to anyone interested in top notch contemporary audio-drama.

I've been following Focus on the Family for the past year or so, and their previous productions have been of variable, but consistently improving, quality.
(It is nice to follow a group, and to see (or, should I say, hear) them grow.)

'Voyage of the Dawn Treader' is the first of their Narnia adaptations that I have to say surpasses the BBC version.

Stirring original music. Fine soundscaping. Solid performances, a good variety of voices -- the duffers, slavers, albatross, lamb, and Aslan are all delightfully well done. I was particularly impressed by the two dragons; they SOUND like two distinct individual dragons. The old, sick, dying dragon SOUNDS old, sick, and dying, while Eustace-transformed-into-a-dragon sounds like a dragon who is really a frightened confused boy should sound -- very well thought out combination of recorded animals is used to depict the two dragons. The scripting for the six half hour episodes is also clever, providing good cliff-hangers, especially for the early episodes. Altogether a really enjoyable experience.

I found the copy I listened to in the children's section of the local megabookstore. In fact a lot of good audio drama and full cast readings are being produced for children. Words Take Wing are another group I've been following. 'The Search For Delicious', a full cast reading, is a favorite of mine from among their productions.
-- Pat Keleher




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