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Sound Forge Power!
Scott R. Garrigus
Muska & Lipman 2001
ISBN 1 929685 10 6
$29.95 US

Sound Forge Power! is the first book to deal exclusively with Sonic Foundry's Sound Forge and Sound Forge XP software products. An excellent resource for musicians who want to begin recording, editing, and producing audio immediately using Sonic Foundry software, this book covers major features like recording and playing audio in multiple file formats, and it delves into lesser-known aspects like editing, processing, sampling, and using Sound Forge in conjunction with ACID and other MIDI/digital audio sequencing applications. Written for beginning to intermediate users (with discussion of some advanced topics), this book includes thorough discussions and examples, and walks you through every aspect of the software.

This is the manual that should be sold with the software, but since 5.0 only comes with a virtual manual, if you want paper, then here's your option.

The book is well written, and is an easier "read" than the usual Sonic Foundry manual. Scott covers all of the ins and outs of using SF 5.0. His "tip" boxes provide useful information, warnings and things to think about before you find out the hard way. His explanations have enough detail for most without being over powering. If you need additional information, you know what you are looking for.

Fortunately the paper quality and a looseness in the binding makes this a much superior product than owners manuals for Sound Forge. You won't need two bricks to hold the book open if you want to put it down.

I did find the section on DTMF Tones interesting, "Why would you ever want or need to do this?" He does say that he is a musician. Scott does go onto explain how to create the notes anyway. The author offers "if you'd like an autographed copy of Sound Forge Power, surf on over to the following page on my site:"

The author also operates a mailing list of news, and tips on Sonic Foundry and Cakewalk products. See

The DAW Buyers Guide
- A buyers guide to digital audio workstations and tapeless recorders. 1st Edition
Yasmin Hashmi and Stella Plumbridge
SYPHA, London, February 2000.
UK ISBN 1 901950 03 4

This item is no longer published in paper. See their web site edition here.
Other than the tiny print and bad graphic color scheme, the free content is a good resource.

This 104 page soft cover is exactly what it's title says…a collection of specifications on various Digital Audio Workstations.

The book covers a very wide range of workstations, but with a varying degree of detail. Some systems included a rather detailed list, while others like Sonic Foundry's Sound Forge are only listed as "No details were confirmed for this Windows-based software package.

If you need a starting list that's over a year old and can afford the $34.95 price tag, then this will definitely get you started. If you have some time to spend on the web, there is little in this volume that can't be found, in an easier to read format, by surfing. In an age where products come and go and change very rapidly, a paper based reference has little to offer. For about the same money a subscription to one of the industry magazines like Mix or EQ will keep you up on the newest information.
Start Surfing here.




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