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NATF The National Audio Theatre Festival.
MRTW The Midwest Radio Theatre Workshop -
MediaRites promotes acceptance, understanding and education between diverse communities through a variety of media including radio, theatre and interdisciplinary outreach projects.
Transom Resources for Radio Producers.

General Overview of Audio Theater

The Craft of Audio Theater Jerry Stearns
BBC Advice

The Well-Tempered Audio Dramatist by Yuri Rasovsky
A text book in the making.

Glossary of Terms by Yuri Rasovsky
  The Audio Theater Guide Robert L. Mott 2009
nbsp; International radio drama
  Handbook of Rado Drama Techniques Donald W. Riley (1946)
  Hints on Writing Radio Drama  TIM CROOK
  Principles of Writing Radio Drama  TIM CROOK
 Radio Drama Theory and Practice Tim Crook 1999
  Radio drama - the power to deceive
  Radio Drama - Crook
Theatre of the Mind, Live on Stage: Radio Theatre Production for Theatre Practitioners Keith Ray West, B.S., M.S. (2007) 157 page PDF dissertation.

  A Series of articles by Tony Palermo - a radio dramatist and composer living in Los Angeles, California.
Radiodrama Writers Kit
Fitting Music to Radio Drama  by TONY PALERMO
Sound Effects
Scoring Radio Drama: A Musician's Perspective by Tony Palermo.
Adapting Shakespeare for Radio Drama

Information on Script Writing

Script Writing by Roger Gregg
A Story is a Promise   Bill Johnson's writing techniques.

Audio Production Related Links.

Field Recording for Audio Drama: A Filmmaker’s Guide” (PDF) By Fred Greenhalgh
Digital Playroom Articles by Jay Rose, Clio and Emmy-winning sound designer. Author of Producing Great Sound...

Copyright Information
The Purpose of Copyright   by Lydia Pallas Loren

General Audio / Radio Information
Generic Radio Workshop OTR Script resource.
Sophisticated Audio For Kids What parents say about Growler tapes/CDs
When Radio Was _Bio

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