Left Behind   Colonial Radio Theatre



Based on the Best-Selling Book by Tim LaHaye and Berry B. Jenkins.
Produced by GAP Digital and
Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

12 episodes on 4 CD's

A LEFT BEHIND™ Audio Presentation

  • Directed and Produced: Todd Busteed
  • Adaptation: Chris Fabry and Todd Busteed
  • Original Music: Steve Wick
  • Dramatic Audio Series Theme
        - Trumpet: David Gauger
        - Guitar: Rex Carroll
  • Recording Engineer: James Kent
  • Additional Recording: Joe Carlson
  • Voice Track 1st Edit: James Kent
  • Announcer: Frank Leslie

  • Left Behind Cover
    Either you think you know the story or you don't believe. Either way left behind is an edge of the chair adventure. Based on the Best-Selling Book by Tim LaHaye and Berry Jenkins, this 12 part program and the continuing series are packed full of action, emotion and adventure. Left Behind uses a cast of 58, full music scoring by Steve Wick and a very fully soundscaped environment.
    Because of the intensity of the production I do not recommend listening to more than one episode at a time.

    Also available is Tribulation Force and Nicolae. To follow are Soul Harvest and Apollyon. GAP has been very busy keeping this series on schedule.

    The Colonial Radio Theatre

    The Colonial Radio Theatre creates a series of well produced radio dramas portraying historical events. With an eye toward family enjoyment, programs with intense elements carry a warning. The production on each story is light but sufficient for telling the story. A real delight for those who enjoy history and entertainment in a single package.
    See their web site for a full list of titles.

    The Colonial Radio Theatre ON The Air™
    PO Box 416
    North Reading, Mass 01864
    1 800 481 8453




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