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Foot Note: Some web sites serve audio or video files upon connection. (Force Feed Audio) I try to warn about this for those that may be on slow speed connections or not using screaming fast computers, as a matter of convience.

5th Saturday Audio Theatre Productions
19 Nocturne Boulevard
Adventures In Odyssey - Focus on the Family.
Age of the Zombies
Airship Diaries
Alien Chronicles George Lucas
Alien Voices   Leonard Nimoy and John de Lancie
Alien Worlds (Series)
All Ears Theatre   Second Review
AMFM Theater STH Productions
Ancient Radio Players   Ada, OK
Anglo-American Radio Drama Company
Atlanta Radio Theatre Company.
Audio Cinema Entertainment   “The Adventures of Captain Hudson”: The Lost Mines of Paradise”
Audio-Epics English downloads under Projecten
Audio Partners Publishing Corp.  - Audiobooks & Books on Cassette
Audio-Playwrights  San Francisco, CA   dramatic audiobooks.
Audiodrama Creative License - Boston
Audiotheque Film Noirs
Aural Stage Studios

Bare Stage Theate
Big Finish Prof. Bernice Summerfield & Dr. Who audio.
Bone Yard Man series   Ontario (NBC)
Borgus Productions   Internet tech whizzes trying to be actors in "Not From Space."
boysgirlsradio RADIO DRAMA BY KIDS FOR KIDS Brought to you by the kids of World Kids, on KZSC...
Bowen in Space
Borgus Not From Space
BrokenSea Audio Productions   Guerrilla Audio at its Finest!
Broken Shadows: Radio Nights at Tonic
Brown, Himan Legendary Producer/Director/Creator
Bruce Trail In his serial adventures Bruce Trail Enviro P.I. is called upon to bring to justice...
BTR Productions Australian-based group. Dr. Who Audio and more.
Buffy Between the Lines Fan Production
Bunbury Banter Theatre Company

The Cabinet of Dr. Casey - The Horror Web Page
California Artists Radio Theatre (CART)
Campfire Radio Theater
The Cape Cod Mystery Theater
Celestial Navigations   Story Telling and rich music.
Central Audio Theatre   Mount Pleasant, Michigan
Chatterbox Audio Theater Memphis, TN
Chesterton Productions The Shadow of the Bear
Children of the Gods Net
The Cleansed
Chickenman  Chris Coyle & Dick Orkin at the Famous Radio Ranch -
          but alas, the chicken seems to have flown the coop.
Circle of Necessity A Soap
Circus 13 Productions
The Colonial Radio Theatre  Where history, legends, mystery and lore come alive!
Comedy-O-Rama Joe Bevilacqua
Norman Corwin
The Cosmic Forces Soul Patrol
The Cosumnes River College Radio Workshop
Coyote Radio Theater and Blog
Cossmass Productions   Estalvin's Legacy, Rebels of the Red Planet
Crunch Frog Comedy
Cthulhu Lives   The H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society
Curious Echo
  Tallahassee Florida

Dangerious Women Series on WYSO
Darker Projects   Original Content at Night Terrors and Generation One.   Fan Fiction Star Trek: The Section 31 Files
Darkness Visible Radio Theatre Student Productions at Rollins College,Winter Park, FL.
DaveFilms Digital Media   Original theatrical audio presentations. Sine Die Nocturnus anthology. Multi-genre.
Davis Radio Theater
Decoder Ring Theatre   Toronto
Decorated Air Theatre
Design Sound Productions   THE VORTEX, THE DARK ROAD TO NOWHERE.
Dick Orkin Chicken Man and The Tooth Fairy
diorama The musicbook is a hybrid of the book on tape and a soundtrack CD.
Down Gilead Lane
Doctor Who   Merchandise and Product (FL)
The Doctor Who Audio Dramas    EVERLASTING FILMS, Corona, CA -
       Produces their own stories using the Dr. Who Universe. See also:
Dry Smoke and Whispers
The Drama Hour
      Everlasting Films - Dr. Who - The Scripting Process
Don't Touch That Dial! Johnson City, TN.
Drama Collection Cassettes LBC Radio in London
The Drama Hour
The Drama Show

Earwax & Bay Area Radio Drama
Earbud Theater
Edict Zero
Eric Busby Presents
Escape Velocity
The Every Now and Then Theatre
Eye of the storm

4th Starveling Audio
Fake Radio Live re-creation group.
Fault Line Players (FLO)
The Fiction Works:  The Next Generation in Audiobooks
FinalRune Productions
Firesign Theatre WWW Page
Flying Leap Players   Grand Marais, MN
Focus On The Family and Adventures In Odyssey
Fool's Gold Theatre Productions
Frequincy Radio Theater   West Bend, WI
Free Range Radio Theater Hour
Frogstorm   L.A.
Full Cast Audio   Using unabridged, unadapted texts, but recorded with a full cast of actors.
Funnt File Series  (Tharsispro)

Gaia's Voyages ( Broken Sea )
GAP Digital AudioShop  Left Behind and Tribulation Force. Chicago
Generations Radio Theater Presents Spoken word and music.
Generic Radio Workshop OTR Recreations in and around Dallas Texas
Giant Gnome Productions
Giddio - Audio adventures for your kids!
Gotham Radio Players New York Re-creation Company
GraphicAudio™   Dramatized audiobooks
Great Northern Radio Theatre Science Fiction, Fantasy and Silliness mostly - but not entirely.
Great Plains Radio Theatre Project History
Great Southwest Radio Theatre Project, LLC Live OTR.
G.R.E.E.D. Audio Drama   (Gaining Riches Erects Every Demon)
Growler Tapes Audio Adventures Stories for Kids
Gunderson Corp. a comedy troup   Hoffman Estates, IL
Gypsy Audio

Harry Strange at Kennesaw State University radio.
Hazardous Players
Head Space Theatre   Chicago
Hermes & Hekate Road Show
HG World
Hidden Harbor Mysteries
The Highstreet Broadcast
High Window Radio Classics Theatre -Hudson Valley, NY.
Hosiprog  a programme library providing features,
    documentaries and programme drop-inn’s for
    the three hundred and fifty strong UK network of Hospital broadcasting stations.
Hosiprog Streaming
Hub City New Jersey comedy group.
Hub of the University Productions
Hunterdon Radio Theatre  Contact Bill Spear   Hunterdon County, New Jersey

Ice Box Radio Theater   International Falls, MN.
Imagination Theater
  The creative writing and directing of Jim French, and Pat French.
       Harry Nile, Crisis, Sherlock Holmes, Kincade the Strange Seeker and more.
The Imagination Workshop KANU Radio, Lawrence, KS
Imagination X
Independent Eye a progressive theatre ensemble. CA
Isotope Audio
Intersteller Radio Company

Jim French Productions
Joseph C McGuire Radio Theater A Radio Theater Project
Just South of Normal

The Katniss Chronicles
KDVS Radio Theatre
Kung Fu Action Theatre
KUNM Radio Theatre   ART@unm.edu

LA Theatre Works
Larken Productions   SCARGORE THE LETTERS...  
Larisa Naples Productions
Last Summer Productions Audio Cinema - THE SOUND THAT MOVES YOU
Left Behind
Let Us Sit Upon The Ground
The Leviathan Chronicles
Life at Night  cutting edge technologically advanced jazz along with dramatic story-telling narration
Lilith´s Children - 4077th Productions
Liquid Audio Players Improv Comedy in the style of OTR.
Literal Garage Company San Francisco bay.
Living In A Box  IUMA- Free MP3 downloads

M and J Audio Theatre   Mexia, Texas
Macabre Mansion
Mad Geek  Blue Sky
Man of the People.
The Many Men of Marta Manning
Mark Trail Radio Theatre
The Mask of Inanna
Max Media - Jeff Green
Media Ministries   Into the Light
Michael Feldman's Whad'Ya Know?
The Middlebury Radio Theater of Thrills and Suspense
Milford-Haven BBC
Mind's Ear Audio
Mind's Eye is now part of SOUNDELUX AUDIO PUBLISHING with most titles available from HighBridge.
Minds of Terminus
The Minister of Chance
Misfits Audio
MRTW  Midwest Radio Theatre Workshop.
Monkey Vortex Radio Theater   A Bay Area collective specializing in short-form audio satire, drama, poetry, and shtick.
monterey soundWorks   Thousand Oaks, CA
monterey media inc.
Moonlight Audio Theatre

Nationl Audio Theater   Formerly The Blue Ridge Players
NARADA Radio Company ( 63audio)
Nebulous REX   from Frankie Crackerbarrel & Dwayne Cnerf
Necropolis Studio Productions Adventures in Audio Drama
Network Entertainment   Dirk Galaxy and Disk Jockey Cops
Never Paid Radio The other NPR. Arizona
New Frequency A Theatre of the Mind   LA    Requires IE
New Hampshire Radio Theatre
New Orleans Radio Theatre
NewsBob Ambassador Service, Invasive Species
Night Kitchen Radio Theatre
No Media Kings A Pick-Your-Own-Podventure
No Soap Radio   Boston
Northwest Arkansas Audio Theater
Nostalgic Radio Shows by The Imagination Company

O Line Mysteries, The
The One Act Players   San Francisco CA
Our Fair City

Pagliacci's Fools The Radio Project   The Bay Area, CA
The Paranormalist  
Planet Retcon Radio
Poe for evermore
Pandora Directive   Dormant since '98.
Pendant Productions
P.H.A.S.E. (streaming)
Philco Radio Players  Atlanta, GA. (recreations of otr)
Play It by Ear Productions Pacific Grove, CA
Posthuman Enterprise   This Pointless Thing Called Life.
Play of the Month   England
Pictures In My Head a cerebral stew of drama, story-telling, music theater and operatic singing, sprinkled with ample sound effects and music.
Portland Radio Theater   Southern Maine - ARCHIVE Website.
Perdition City by Dave Johnson, San Diego, Ca
The Primordials
Private Ear Audio Theatre     NY
Program All Ready In Progress WMPG and Donwload MP3s
Prometheus Radio Theatre Baltimore
Pulp-Pourri Theatre a 63audio Production.

R G Audioproductions OTR and Modern - SE WI and N IL
Rabbit Ears Entertainment
Rabbit Hole Radio Theatre Fort Collins, Colorado
Radio Active!
A Madison-area group recreateing the aura of old-time radio shows.    email them at radioactivecrew@hotmail.com
Radio Adventures of Doctor Floyd, The Forced Feed Audio!
Radio Free Playhouse
Radio Project X
Radio Mystery Theatre (CBS)   Himan Brown Site.
   Radio Mystery Theater  Fan Site.
Radio Onslaught
Radio Repertory Company of America Multiple Titles
Radio Tales Story Telling with Music
Radio Theater Joseph C McGuire Content in Blog
Radio Theater on the Web  Jerry Stearns
RadioTheatre NYC Dan Bianchi
Rainbow Demons
Rasovsky, Yuri Peabody Award Winner Producer
Rattenfanger Radio Alberta CA
Raven Radio Theater
Reel Radio 1971 War of the Worlds
Retro Radio Theater   Santa Ynez, CA
Remote Control Harold & Fred watch TV. They become the characters they watch.
Right Between The Ears (Formerly Imagination Workshop)
Rise to Nobility   a fan Star Wars production.
Rochester Radio Theatre Guild Rochester, MN (Recreations of OTR)
Rockland County   A Soap

Sebastain T Sweet Productions Sable Jack
San Francisco Story Works  North Beach Private Eye
Scenario Productions   Brick Mallery
seem real theatre  neal amid
Scripts and Scruples   Daily Internet Soap.
Secret Circle Radio Drama
The Sexton Tales by written by Emlyn Harris on BBC 2
The Shadow of the Bear
The Shadowlands Theatre Nova Scotia, Canada
Shoestring Radio Theatre   San Francisco
Silent Universe 
Sirenian Entertainment specializing in the adaptation and dramatization for audio of the classic works of literature.
Soft Paw
Sonic Society   THE SHADOWLANDS and other titles
The Shyster Club  a secret organization that helps people successfully cheat in their relationships by planned cover-ups, third-party excuse packages and believable, elaborate designs to provide proof of a members supposed whereabouts ... The Shyster Club!
Sonic SocietyBroadcast / Podcast program of AT material.
SOUNDINGS , The Audio Theatre of Jeff Green
Sound Mind Theater LaGrange, GA
  UK Tom Bennett - Includes a discussion forum.
Sound Photo Synthesis
Soundstage - WMNF Check out RA Archive also.
Sound Stories
Space Casey   Some heroines will steal your heart… This one will steal your wallet.
Spirit Blade Seeking the Truth
Stage Shadows  "Radio Like You've Never Seen It!"™   NYC
Star Trek: The Continuing Mission
Stargazers Series from Gypsy Audio
Star Wars Fanworks
Strobie Studios
Jerry Stearns  - Lots More Information and his programs.
Strange Interludes ™   from deep in the mind of Texas
SueMedia The Radio Works
Sun Sounds Audio Theater  for the Visually Impaired of AZ

tales.co.uk   The Sexton Tales and more.
Texas Radio Theatre   Arlington, TX
Tharsispro The FUNNT File -what some folks think is the best unknown science fiction comedy adventure around today!
The Theater in your Mind
Thin Air Theater Tryon,, NC - Comedy,Drama, Storytelling in Real Audio
Third Coast Radio Theater
Timberwolf Press
Timeship A sci-fi radio drama series.
Trek Wars - The Furry Conflict A parody of the two highly successful science fiction franchises...
The Trouble with Bernie for Children / Classroom use    Homer, Alaska
Troublesome Gap
The Truth Movies for your ears.
Twilight Audio Theater
Twilight Zone

Union Signal Doug Bost
UNSHACKLED Produced since 1950 - Chicago.

Vexation Audio
The Violet Crown Radio Players Austin, Texas.
Virtually American Force Feeds Audio
    Streaming multiple shows.
Voices In The Wind Audio Theatre

Wander Radio almost on your radio dial.
Warwick Way Productions   South West Hertfordshire
Washington Audio Theater
We´re Alive – A Story of Survival
While Reason Sleeps   An original theatre work series.
White Noise Radio Theatre   Sammamish, WA
The Wireless Theatre Company
Willamette Radio Workshop Portland, OR.
WKNH Radio Theatre and the New England Audio Theater Conference
Wollcott & Sheridan™ (Heavy audiobooks)

Xcursion Theatre Formerly Montage Radio Theatre

YAP Audio Production Aftermath

Ziplow Hilton Head, SC - Multiple Titles
ZBS Foundation  Ruby and Jack Flanders + lots more.
ZIGGURAT PRODUCTIONS  Topanga, CA   Third Ear Radio Theater.
Zurich Radio Theater
  Lake Zurich, IL - Teens producing good stories


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Web Feeds of Audio Theater

A Chapter A day Audiobook sampling service.
Art Aloud Mondays at 7pm on KGNU, Fort Collins, CO. (and check out their cool studio tour)
BIRST Bournemouth University (Dorset, UK)
Cornucopia Broadcasting
The Cosmic Forces THE SOUL PATROL "An outstanding online radio dramatic series..."
Crunchy Frog Comedy a sketch comedy show inspired in large part by Monty Python's Flying Circus.
Dirk Galaxy, Space Detective  The Internet Science-Fiction Radio Adventure.

Hosiprog Radio Theatre British Hospital Entertainment.
     Good Drama done with little budget.
Mark Trail This locally-produced radio program follows the exploits of the funnies' one and only environmental hero!
Imagination X   Warning - Force Audio
Nebulous Rex a 30 minute audio story / radio drama in MP3.
No Soap Radio from WGBH Boston
Radioyur Radio YUR is radio in the "old time tradition" broadcasting from high atop the Freckus Building in down town Euphoria Falls, N. C.
Radio Drama Revival Fred Greenhalgh program offerings.
Scifi -Channel's - Seeing Ear Theatre
Sciene Fiction Creators Live a365
Sonic SocietyBroadcast / Podcast program of AT material.
Sound Mind Theater
Soundings Jeff Green
Star Wars
Super Man Original from DC Comics
Thin Air Theater  - Comedy,Drama, Storytelling in Real Audio
Virtually American
WCRS Radio Stage Monthly feed
WFHB Bloomington & Richard Fish
WKNH Radio Theatre broadcasts every Sunday from 6-7PM on 91.3FM and www.wknh.net, to provide live shows by local writers and performers...


National Distributors Audio Theater Companies AT Web Feeds Other Related Items

Audio Art and More...

New American Radio series 300 works commissioned and distributed in the US and Europe (1987-1998


Roger Gregg Crazy Dog Audio Theatre
Dave Johnson - Dave Films www.davefilms.us
Steve Walker UK artist and writer.

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National Audio Theatre Festivals (NATF.org) A national association for promoting and training in the art form of Audio Theatre.
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