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Chris Morris is the anchorman for the On The Hour main evening Radio news. Winner of the 1992 Writer's Guild of Great Britain Award For Comedy/Light Entertainment. This is a superb production, richly layered with elements to create at times a completely convincing spoof on the BBC's main evening radio news. It also lampoons several programming and broadcasting quirks, features and personalities found throughout the BBC.
The news items from America are particularly hilarious and also reveal how the U.S. is perceived by Britain.

ISBN 0 - 563 -40633 - X

Peter Cook & Chris Morris. Five improvised interviews as heard on BBC Radio 3. Chris Morris's surreal questioning of Peter Cook in character as Sir Arthur Streeb-Greebling. Peter Cook was legendary in Britain for his spontaneous wit and for being able to hold a straight face when saying the stupidest things. These interviews are a landmark in improvisation on radio. Entirely convincing until you come to grips with what Cook's Sir Streeb-Greebling's is actually asserting. It demonstrates what's possible to do with just two persons in front of a microphone.

ISBN 0 - 563 - 55747 - 8

From the BBC Radio 1 series Blue Jam Chris Morris and his cast perform a series sketches for his Blue Jam CD. Be warned however, some listeners may find certain portions offensive even obscene. A lot of this however stems from the extremely clever use of radio's power to draw on the listeners imagination. In other words what you think you might be hearing is only as obscene or as violent as your own imagination. Some of the sketches are straightforward funny and some dare I say it border on the profound others are very abstract. This series has been a big hit with the upcoming University crowd in part because of its lush use of ambient dance trance music.

Produced by Talkback. Warp Records Ltd.
Warp CD79

An extremely clever scathing humorist. Very adept at parodying the foibles of the media. A kind of Jerky boy for Intellectuals who uses his facades to highlight the pomposity and hypocrisies of leading Political Leaders and Media Celebrities. Some might argue that his work is not Audio Theatre but I believe it is. Just as film and television media created the 2 second establishing shot as a legitimate Scene, so the Audio and Radio medium offers unique ways to create drama. Much of this involves drawing on the peculiar forms and formats of radio. There's a lot of excellent pseudo-actuality location recording involved with naturalistic acting so spot on you're convinced they're either making it up as they go along or that it's all real and not acting at all!

In this vein also very much worth getting hold of is KNOWING ME, KNOWING YOU WITH ALAN PARTRIDGE, an Award winning lampoon of a Radio Talk Show [a Johnny Carson type of talk show ] -the complete BBC radio series of which is available in a 3 tape box set. ISBN 0563402210


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