in Using Radio Drama in the class room.

Audio Drama can be a great vehicle for teaching. A few of the advantages over traditional stage plays include:
  • a shorter production schedule
  • character development without memorizing lines
  • low cost - no sets or costumes
  • can be shared as mp3 files
  • students can play parts they would not be physically right for
  • physical handicaps can be worked around
  • performance before a live audience or just recorded

Classes using audiotheater

The 2000 Fall Middle School play at The Lovett School in Atlanta took on the look, feel and sound of a 1940's radio station.

Jefferson County, AL host workshop from the Birmingham Audio Theatre Company.

Something to Remember Us By a school production.

Resources for Teaching

Tony Palermo's site
This site is filled with ideas and suggestions about writing and producing radio dramas. You may find some of Mr. Palermo's writing ideas a bit advanced for the average middle school/high school language arts student. The site is, however, outstanding in its wealth of resources applicable to the classroom, and many (creating sound effects for instance) are the best available, for classroom use, on the internet. If you are interested in using radio drama in you classroom, don't miss this valuable site. Mr. Palermo is associated with the Museum of Television and Radio.
Museum of Television and Radio
MTR, in both New York and Los Angeles, provides radio drama workshops for 9 through 14 year olds. MTR also offers, for purchase, many old-time radio dramas on cassette--Suspense, Escape, The Lone Ranger, War of the Worlds, and a great selection of comedy shows including Abbott and Costello, The Bickersons, and Charlie McCarthy and Edgar Bergen. Many of these (Suspense and Escape especially) are great for classroom listening.
Balance Publishing Company  produces Read-Along Radio Dramas and other audio drama related classroom materials, including a book on writing and producing radio dramas in the classroom, listening skills development packages, play scripts for classroom reading, as well as a growing collection of free materials for the classroom. The site includes secure online ordering.


Radio Drama that teaches history and such. See list.

  Alien Voices - Leonard Nimoy and John de Lancie - videos.     See our review.

  Check out the resource page for other teaching info.