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Dirk Maggs

Dirk Maggs has produce a number of spectacular pieces for the BBC. He was one of the first to incorporate Dolby Surround for radio (audio). Dirk is well known for his work on Superman and Batman, but he has been involved in many other productions. The Batman and Superman episodes were originally produced as short segments for daily listening. What has been released for sale are the segments edited together.

Other titles: The Hound of Death, The Russ Abbot Show, Flywheel, Shyster & Flywheel, Peter Pan, Judge Dredd, Independence Day UK, Gemini Apes, Ben-Hur (Focus on the Family), Voyage, An American Werewolf in London, Man of Soup, The Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawm, Horrible Histories audio books, Good Again, In Conclusion, TheLarsarus Syndrome..


This is just what you'd hope for from a Marvel Comic Book dramatized for radio. It's a high powered, fast paced, richly produced and wonderfully performed audio movie, complete with special effects and Dolby Surround Sound..
Available on tape or CD. The story follows Peter Parker's accidental transformation into Spiderman. Also appearing along the way are The Fantastic Four, The Sandman, The Submariner, Dr. Octopus, and The Green Goblin. The theme music is by Brian May with a full original orchestral score.
As heard on BBC Radio 1. Dirk Maggs' production is infinitely superior to the embarrassingly sluggish Spiderman brought out by Simon & Schuster.

ISBN 0 ­ 563 ­ 39160 - X

Not Reviewed Batman -
The Complete Knightfall Saga
ISBN 1-57042-081-5

Non stop high-octane comic super hero action. Spectacular sound effects and a thrilling specially composed orchestral score in Dolby Surround Sound. Story follows the origins of Superman, his job at the Daily Planet, and his battles with Lex Luthor. Audio adaptation written and directed by Dirk Maggs. First broadcast on BBC Radio 1. Extremely Slick.

ISBN 0563 39370X.

ISBN 1-57042-024-6
Audio movie sequel. First broadcast on BBC Radio 1. The audio movie sequel to the first series. Maintains the roller coaster intensity as Superman battles the monster called Doomsday.

ISBN 0 ­ 563 ­ 40197 ­ 4

(Ed Note, The BBC version of Superman is no longer available.
Check out the Time Warner Versions)

BBC Cassette Package
ISBN 0-563-39370-X
Stephen Baxter. s science fiction novel dramatized as an audio movie. A "what if" epic about NASA's efforts to land on Mars in 1986 and the first woman to step on the red planet. Great casting, superb production and an excellent comprehensive music score all in cinematic Dolby Surround Sound. This is right up there with Maggs's usual stunning production values.

ISBN 0563 552417 ISBN-13: 978-0563552413

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Tertiary Phase

ISBN-13: 978-1572704695
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Quandary Phase

ISBN-13: 978-1572704886
A NOTE ABOUT DIRK MAGG'S . AUDIO MOVIE. PRODUCTIONS: Maggs pulls out all the stops and spares no expense to take Audio Theatre to it's high impact ultimate. When listening to the fight and action sequences in these audio comic book adventures, my son gets so excited he nearly has to be restrained. Perhaps the Superheroes-in-tights genre is not your cup of tea, but to be aware of what's happening at the very forefront of contemporary professional Audio Theatre, at least the first Superman series should be listened to. [the same reason one should hear the first half of Orson Welles' War Of The Worlds even if personal tastes disincline you to fanciful Martian Invasion stories. ]

A Note about the reviewer:
Roger Greggs is a playwright, composer and voice-over artist. He is currently producing more Bill Lizard for RTE (Irish National Radio) and the world.

When he's not writing, directing or being daddy, he has the opportunity to hear both RTE and BBC productions on a regular basis.

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