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The New Hampshire Radio Theatre Presents:  Frankenstein 1930 by Fred
This presentation was recorded live at the AmericanStage Festival
in October 1999.

Yet another Frankenstein?
Well, why not?

While there has been considerable discussion recently about why we do the same titles over and over, familiarity doesn't have to breed contempt.  If you like the OTR style of lots of narrator, straight forward dialog and workable sound effects, this is a very good rendition.  The acting was credible, except for a few flubbed lines -- which can be easily edited out before the title is released for sale -- and those popped Ps which seem to be an unseparateable part of recorded theater these days. For a live stage recording, the quality was excellent.

I will admit I was confused by the collage of Old Time Radio openings that introduced this program until we finally got into the story almost 6 minutes later.  However, it is nice to hear a full symphony for the music rather than the standard electronic synth.




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