Every Middle School needs a middle school play,
but at The Lovett School in Atlanta,
it took the form of a radio play.
Director Steve Bickley set out not only to produce a middle school play, but to teach history and what some consider a lost art form in this country.

The "recreation" of a live broadcast from a typical 5000 watt network affiliate station was presented as reminiscences from radio's golden age. The serial episode "Dancer in the Dark," was written by an Atlanta writer, Thomas E. Fuller, originally for The Atlanta Radio Theatre Company, and was adapted for the Middle School production.

Jim Wingate created and performed special "suspense" music.

(Show here going over the script with director Steve Bickley.
Kate Miller, part of the Upper School Technical Crew watches from the "control room" window)

Henry Howard, from The Atlanta Radio Theatre Company taught the students sound effect techniques, microphone techniques and generally consulted on how live radio drama was put together.

Shown here are Caitlin Perdue, Alex Western and Wes Gordon, three of the over 20 actors and crew involved in the production.

Bickley had sound effect doors, a wind machine and other sound props built in addition to the wonderfull studio set.


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