Titles of Interest for Teaching

These titles are available from LodesTone and may be usefull in teaching classes about history and the history of radio drama:

The Works of Norman Corwin

  • We Hold These Truths 1941 - US Bill of Rights: civics, constitutional law, citizenship, and US history (of 1789, and also, as a primary source, of 1941). FDR speaks at the end. Broadcast December 15, 1941

  • We Hold These Truths 1991 - US history, civics, law, women's rights, Constitution, acclaimed remake of the above, expanded to cover all the Constitutional Amendments with 70% new material. Broadcast December 15, 1991.

  • On A Note Of Triumph - history, military, international relations, politics, Hitler, Nazism, World War II primary source - the original V-E Day broadcast, May 8, 1945

  • 50 Years After 14 AUGUST - history, World War II, Japanese, Pacific War, V-J Day broadcast (this is the remake of Corwin's original 1945 program, which is not available). Corwin produced this 50 years later, broadcast August 14, 1995.

  • Thirteen By Corwin - history, military, fantasy, foreign affairs, United Nations, comedy, drama, World War II, .philosophy, radio, poetry

  • No Love Lost - US History, literary, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, 1799, politics, Liberal vs. Conservative, political parties

  • The Writer With The Lame Left Hand, biography, Miguel de Cervantes, literary, history, Spain, Don Quixote, Spanish Inquisition

  • The Curse of 589 - Ireland, leprechaun, romance, new age, philosophy of science, science fiction, fantasy, comedy, magic, supernatural

  • The Secretariat - religion, prayer, philosophy, computers, bureaucracy, sociology

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Craven Street - US history, British history, biography, Benjamin Franklin, England, U.S.-British relations, London, American revolution

Spirited Yarns - literary, humor, supernatural, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Frank Stockton, Stephen Leacock, Henry James, Oscar Wilde, Richard Middleton, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Blacklisted - US History, House Unamerican Activities Committee (HUAC), Senator Joseph McCarthy, Hollywood, motion picture industry

Empire Of The Air -US History, radio, biography, inventions, technical, corporate, David Sarnoff, Lee DeForest, Edwin Howard Armstrong

Raymond Chandler's "Goldfish" - literary, mystery, detective, Philip Marlowe, film noir

Dinotopia, The World Beneath - fantasy, children's stories, dinosaurs, social issues

From Colonial Radio Theatre Gettysburg Battle Road, The Alamo, Plimoth Adventure - Voyage of Mayflower, Bunker Hill and more.
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