Technical Articles / References

General Audio

Digital Audio Workstation Software Overview Jay Rose Digital Playroom.
     Producing Great Sounds for Digital Video (Book) but also good just for audio.
     His tutorials Jay writes primarily for audio for video but much of it is relevent for AT. Forums  Audio Solutions

Film Production Sound articles
About the perception of sound by Klas Dykhoff - References Film Sound Tracks

Home Recording musician based but some good info.
     Home Recording Web resources.

NPR Technical Articles

Angry Coffee tutorials: mp3, flash, quicktime, vorbis and more.

Better Taping Tips and more

Digital Editing Guide from This American Life.

Eddie Ciletti Technical Articles for Audio Gear.

Stickey Tape and Squeals.

Microphones faq

Specific to Equipment

Mini mic jacks  and phantom power.
FAQ for CardD series
Info on Tascam DA-88's
Digital Recorder Manuals and Info   TREW Audio

On Line Magazines

Mix Magazine Online
Mix Online: Bookshelf
Modern Recording
Transom Resources for Radio Producers.

wwug Pro Audio check their ariticle section.
SoundWave: Pro Audio's Web Space
Transom Resources for Radio Producers.