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The foley door used by ARTC. 2x4 contruction. Held securely with one hand and operated with the second.
The chain and other hardware not being used for a particular scene should be securely taped down.
A 2x4 and large "c" clamp provides a method of keeping the door standing when not actually being used,
yet the 2x4 clamps along the side of door frame for transport.
The 2x4 can also be clamped to the top of the door with the other end
clamped to a table or other support structure.

Sue Zizza's Door, easy to carry.

Bart Curtis door.
Notice the back plate of wood
with gaps at the top and bottom.

Another view



Another Door (The Lovett School) A Screen Door hinge (when played carefully). Don't let it snap.
The block is only to hold it open for the picture.



The Pot Luck Players Door, front and back
with an added screen type dragging door.

Oskar Hofer - Pot Luck Players


Screen Door - Hung from top so gravity does most of the work. The spring shown was replaced by two lighter weight springs, one in side the other. The inside spring is attached to door and frame while the outside spring just slides. Don't forget the door hook.  HH




An old cabin door. The wood latice pieces can be tighten or loosen to taste. The hole through the lattice is bigger than the screw so they hang loose.

The latch is to keep the door closed in transit.    HH

A Box Door. Unused knocker taped down,
The Ross Box - door and platform for door bell and buzzer.

Also good for storing other small devices.
Car Door - Paint Roller Pan

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