Award-winning Roger Gregg is the only artist I know who manages to make philosophy funny!

Crazy Dog Audio makes journeys to unimaginable worlds tangible, and we always anticipate with baited brains the next adventure of our eponymous hero in a world of “audio noir” guaranteed to thrill us, involve us and make us laugh out loud.

Gregg deconstructs, destroys and then resurrects that which we formerly accepted as reality, with a company of highly talented and deeply twisted actors, totally in tune with his keen observations of contemporary cultural conundrums. And the production ain’t bad, either.


This staggeringly surreal series is a mind-melding mix of mythology, magic and mysticism which leads us laughing and scratching into startling insights of the absurdities and vagaries of contemporary cultural perceptions.

Listen at your own risk. You have been warned!

Phil Proctor, The Firesign Theatre

Morgan Jones [Cyril the Pooka], Roger Gregg [Bill Lizard] Conor Lambert, [Ghost of Allen] Mikel Murfi [Ghost of Jack]

Singing Cyril's drinking song: Roger Gregg, Deirdre Molloy, Morgan Jones, Mikel Murfi,

Morgan Jones, David Murray, Deirdre Molloy, Anne Byrne, Conor Lambert, Mikel Murfi.

Roger Gregg and Karen Williams at the sound desk, through the window is seen Morgan Jones [as Cyril] and Conor Lambert [as Ghost of Allen]

Moynihan Russell recording studios.


The studio, one of the finest in Ireland, is located in a  large Georgian building. It would have been a home of a well to do family in a bygone era. Even the carriage house out back is another studio space. They've an apartment on the very top and then two studio in the building plus the one out in 'the mews'.