A Canticle for Leibowitz

Set in 2600 AD, some 600 years after the great Flame Deluge, Walter M. Miller, Jr.'s HUGO award-winning novel A Canticle for Leibowitz painted a frightening vision of a post-nuclear holocaust world struggling to emerge from a second Dark Age.

This 15 part serial is based on the novel by Walter M. Miller, Jr. published in 1959. The story had previously been published as a series of novellas in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science. The book won the Hugo award winner for best science fiction novels of all time.

The radio drama adaptation by John Reed, and produced at WHA by Carl Schmidt and Marv Nunn.

The play was directed by Karl Schmidt, engineered by Marv Nunn with special effects by Vic Marsh.

Narrator - Carol Collins and includes Fred Coffin, Bart Hayman, Herb Hartig and Russel Horton.

Music was by Greg Fish and Bob Budney and the Edgewood College Chant Group.

Unfortunately is appears that the title has once again vanished from the bookshelf.