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A lost art form?
Movies for the mind!
An alternative for boring radio!
Over 125 theater companies in America.


There is a wealth of information about who's doing it and how to do audio theater here.


What is Audio Theater?
Audio Theater is the art form that was known as radio drama.  Unfortunately, the delivery vehicle of radio abandoned the art form.

Radio Drama, wich is now often called Audio Theater has survived through the efforts of many individual theater groups across the country and around the world.

Audio Theater is a very rapidly growing form of entertainment, often replacing radio listening as entertainment for the traveling public.

What you will find here is a list of those producing this art form, Sources for finding tapes and cd's, Resources for those who want to try their hand at producing Audio Theater and reviews of current titles.

And then there's the question of Audio Theater or Audio Theatre. Theater is of course the American spelling while "tre" comes from England. In the USA you will see both used, with the latter used more for theatre groups while theater tends to refer more to the art form. Either way, it's good listening.

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